Kiambu Governor To Be Allegedly Impeached


Kiambu Governor Dr James Nyoro Photo courtesy of Twitter.

Juja Elections were rocked by chaos which forced IEBC to suspend counting of votes till today, which have since been resumed.

Following the incident, IEBC have since released a statement directing director of public prosecution (DPP) to take up the matter, investigate and bring perpetrators to book.

Moses Kuria said " we have held several discussions with kiambu MCAs regarding the Criminal conduct of Governor James Nyoro. As DPP takes up the matter following directions of IEBC, the MCAs will concurrently move to impeach Dr Nyoro."

What we witnessed in the minipolls is uncalled for and it is setting a very an precedent is we head to 2022 general election.

Citizens should be given a free environment to exercise their democratic right and choose whoever they prefer to lead them.

If found guilty governor Nyoro will face full force of the law and that may form a ground for his impeachment.

Also, Elections were rocked with police brutality meted in innocent kenyans. Such incidents should never be witnessed again.

Photo courtesy of Facebook