"Mona Mo Bl3" New Look That Is Causing Massive Stirs On Social Media, More Reactions By Ghanaians.


A divine transformation of "Mona Mo Bl3" new look is causing massive stirs on social media. 

A new picture of Mona Mo Bl3 cited on Kofi Tv on Social media has once again taken social media users by storm with his latest outing. He is perfectly looking like a business tycoon. Wow!! 

In what has come as a huge surprise to many, the internet sensation is looking the exact opposite of his former self. 

The only difference between what you are going through and your breakthrough is time!

Ghanaians, especially the ladies are already crushing on him, it looks as if they can't hide the platonic feelings. 

"Is he single, I'm crushing on him"ladies react. 

While some men are asking if indeed he was "mad" or it was poverty and depression. But who knows? 

Looking back some few months ago when Kofi Adomah wanted to interview him. Mona mo ble said, whoever want to interview him must pay. It was very hilarious how a "mad" man could think such way. 

Final Ghanaians Thank God for his intervention!! 

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