Did You Know That Groundnuts Can Cure Cancer, Diabetes And Heart Diseases? Read more


Peanuts are often avoided due to their high fat content, but recent studies have highlighted it as all natural health food. Here are some of the health benefits of groundnuts:

  Peanuts for memory

Groundnuts with ample Vitamin B3 are good brain food. It helps boost memory and brain functioning. Regular consumption of peanuts is helpful in improving memory and cognitive skills. According to the research, regular intake of niacin rich food like groundnut provides protection against Alzheimer’s disease and age related cognitive decline.

    Peanuts fights depression

Peanuts are good source of amino acid Tryptophan, which helps production of Serotonin – ‘happiness chemical’ in body. Serotonin is a chemical nerve transmitter that helps regulate various brain functions like mood, pain, appetite and sleep. It helps fight depression and improves mood. It also helps in treating insomnia, migraine and other pain condition.

    Peanuts regulate blood sugar

Peanuts have ample dietary fibers that help regulate blood sugar. It has low GI and releases sugar in blood slowly. It also contains good amount of manganese which plays important role in fat and carbohydrate metabolism. Further low magnesium is linked to high diabetic risk, with excellent supply of magnesium peanuts help reduce risk of diabetes. Snacking on peanuts can help to maintain blood sugar in between meals. Studies have confirmed the inverse relationship between consumption of nuts and risk of type 2 diabetes.

    Peanuts and cancer prevention

Groundnuts contain a form of pytosterol called beta-sitosterol that is believed to protect against cancer by inhibiting tumor growth. It also contains antioxidants which protects body cells from free radicals which may cause cancerous growth. Studies have showed tis ability to reduce stomach cancer and colon cancer.

    Peanuts aid digestion

As groundnuts are rich in dietary fibre, it helps digestion. It allows proper functioning of digestive system and metabolism.

    Peanuts lower risk of heart disease

As we know groundnuts contain monounsaturated and poly saturated fatty acid, it keeps the heart healthy by lowering the blood cholesterol and thereby reducing the risk of coronary heart diseases. Groundnut also contain anti oxidants which not only protects the heart but also inhibits the growth of free radicals.

    Lowers weight gain

By regularly eating groundnuts, we can decrease the chance of gaining weight. Surprise! Yes, research has shown that those who eat groundnuts at least twice a week are less likely to gain weight than those who do not eat them at all. Obesity is the great concern for the women, so there is one of the way to keep it at bay. Also groundnuts are high satisfy food, that they make us feel fuller for longer period. The satisfy nature of groundnuts are not solely due to their fat content, fibre content or protein content, but also due to the combined effect of all nutrients.

 Promotes fertility

Groundnuts contain good amount of folate. Studies have shown that women whose daily intake of folate is 400 micrograms before and during early pregnancy, reduces their risk of having baby with some neural tube defect. As vitamins are present in groundnuts in higher amount, it provides vital health for tissues and cells and fights infection which in turn keep the foetus healthy. It also reduces birth defects and anemia related conditions.

 Protein source

Peanuts come from legume family and are excellent source of proteins. A 100 gms of groundnuts contain about 28gms of proteins. Protein is very important as it forms the base for all enzymes and also digested to form aminoacids. They are also required for the normal functioning of endocrine glands.

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