Say this prayer before establishing yourself in a new village or city


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Prayer they say is the sword of a believer and a master key to a successful living. Whoever abandons prayer has eventually missed the right weapons to fight a battle. God Almighty loves and listens to one who always calls on Him during well-being and in adversity.

As a believer, whenever one travels to or intends to establishes him/herself in a new village, town or city, it is incumbent on him/her to say this prayer below. This is done to ward off all evils in the place and to ask for the available blessings of the place and its people.

The above prayer must be recited immediately one gets accommodated in the place or even upon the entry to that village or city. Many people today are afflicted with one problem or the other due to the evils in the place he or she establishes in to search for a livelihood. Therefore, prayer before entry into a place happens to be a master key.

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