UTV Issues A Top Disclaimer Against Abronye's Serious Allegations.


Bono Regional Chairman of the ruling New Patriotic Party Abronye DC is in trouble as UTV has disowned his words made on their platform. United Television's presenter Yaa Konama has issued a top disclaimer against Abronye DC over his serious allegation made against the Public Relations Officer of the National Lottery Authority on UTV.

Abronye DC boldly stated on their TV that the Public Relations Officer of the National Lottery Authority has been allegedly hiring people to stake lottery for him every Saturday.

When he allegedly gives the number to his People to stake, then he ( Razak Opoku) releases the same numbers as winning numbers for the Lottery Authority.

Yaa Konama treated the words of Abronye DC as a serious allegations and disassociate herself and United Television UTV from those words.

What that means is that, Razak Opoku have every right to prove Abronye DC wrong in the law court but can never sue UTV as a platform used to make those serious Allegations 

Yaa Konama also urged Razak Opoku to try and clarify the allegations to wipe away any misconception. Even if he is willing to come on the show, she will give him the chance.

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