Meet Sankok's son who shot himself dead

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David Ole Sankok is a nominated member of parliament under Jubilee party.News of David Ole Sankok's son has been circulating all over the social media platforms .

It is alleged that he shot himself dead with his father's gun after a small understanding with his father David Ole Sankok.David Ole Sankok was not around when his beloved son perpetrated to commit suicide .It is speculated that the misunderstanding was due to the poor KCSE results.William Ledama Sankok,was a student at Maseno high school.William Ledama Sankok was a promising, young and humble boy

Netizens have flooded their heart felt condolences to the family and friends of David Ole Sankok.However ,some have blamed Sankok for the negligence and carelessness of how he handled his gun,others claim that David Ole Sankok was involved in the murder of his son

Investigations have already started in the scene of crime to try to find out the cause of the act.

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