The 21 young people who perished in an Eastern Cape tavern Sunday will be buried next week. Read

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The tavern's bodies are taken to the pathology department by personnel. There will be a mass funeral service for all the fatalities next Wednesday, according to the Eastern Cape's administration.

The 21 young people who lost their lives in a pub shooting in the Eastern Cape on Sunday will be remembered during a memorial service on Wednesday.

In the wake of the East London nightclub tragedy, the community urged people to keep a watch out for bars and clubs.

Members of the Enyobeni tavern community in East London came for a community gathering to demand justice for the 21 youths who died in inexplicable circumstances there over the weekend, in the hopes of avoiding such a tragedy from occurring again.

After that, the families will be assisted by the province government with the transportation of the remains to their preferred final resting places, according to the administration.

Wednesday, the administration thanked people who had agreed to help with the burial arrangements.

Residents of East London's Enyobeni bar are demanding police action after 21 people were killed in the tragedy.

In the wee hours of Sunday morning, 21 young people died in strange circumstances at Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park, East London. According to initial reports, a stampede was to blame for the deaths. This turned out to be incorrect. The tavern has been previously reported to the police, but no action has been taken.

For example, the funeral home Avbob says it will help families with the cost of final expenses.

Samples have been transferred to a laboratory in the Western Cape for testing, according to the government.

Once investigations are complete, the report will be made available to the families of those affected.

The government stated that officers were still on the scene and that they were searching for additional evidence in the case.

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