Exposed : See Recordings Of The Fight Between Sizwe & Unathi

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Herein attached is a link to the voice recording and the screenshot that show the emails that the two sent to their colleagues or superiors, in order to clarify this serious misunderstanding which many people see as baseless to be such a huge incident.

These two are seen fighting for no apparent reason and the ordinary members of the public were just wondering why were these elders at each other’s throats busy shouting about four minutes, it is alleged that Sizwe arrived at the studio 4 minutes late and Unathi couldn’t just leave because that would constitute her getting fired apparently - so it is unfortunate.

Now look at how this lady has lost her job only because she couldn’t keep her temper and she couldn’t be much more civilized considering it was four minutes of her life, how much more important is the appointment that she was going to these are things that people have to be wary of you can just up and run because we have seen many incidences where people get into horrible accidents because they’re speeding on the roads.

They are speeding to their appointments for no apparent reason - if you’re going to have to speed to a place and get there early it will definitely end your life or you can simply accept that you are late, and can’t be less late it doesn't work like that in the professional settings.

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