God: Why You Must Never Be Condemned Of Your Childhood And Past Sins


We all need peace of mind. Without which nothing is tasteful in life. Everyone on this earth want his or her life to count to something.

But we hit our head on the calling of condensation especially when we are told that our past will one day catch up with us. That is when ladies will take a peak into that ugly skeleton of abortion she comitted in highschool or college. Immediately things spiral to a vissious condensation that points out that he'll is where your future belongs.

On the other hand, of the past catching up with us, men are not left behind. That is when you remember that girl you impregnated in class 8 or form one and you become deadbeat dad. Immediately you too see Hell to your home.

No matter how many prayers and fasts you make, you are stuck with your past. Not only this, but also those who have divorced, separated or killed. May be you cheated on your wife or husband. The matter has refused to let go. Now, let me give you the best news ever. You don't need to connect with any altar to break with your past, but simply to believe on the following:

Jesus Christ:

In the bible, we are sinners who do evil because our sinful nature is from Adam. We became sinners because our father sinned. Here is the fact: When Adam sinned, we were not there with him, but we were in him. So we sinned together with him while we were in his body. So when we came out, we were automatic sinners because we are of his nature.


Now, we are told he is the second Adam, perfect and sinless. Because he obeyed God in everything, He begat a new breed of men. When he was born and walked the streets of Nazareth as a child, youth and teenager, we were in him.

When he was tempted by Satan in the wilderness and won, we were in him. It means we won together with him. When he endured the cross, died and was burried, the old nature of Adam which we inherited was punished, killed and was burried with him. It was our past, which was punished, crucified and was burried.

When he redirected, we redirected with him in him, victorious, with out past remaining in his Tomb. That is why in (Rom.6:6) the bible says:

"...We know that our old selves were crucified with him so that sin might lose power in our selves..."

When born again, your is simple. Ask God to forgive all that you did in childhood and past. Once done, God blots that sin out of his memory. But you will have to take it as fact that you are forgiven. Believe that, stick to that and never bring it up. Immediately, you will experience the peace of God that surpasses all understanding filling your heart. And with that, you are a winner. Be blessed.

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