Nsawam Prison will be too small to contain us; this is why Ghana drivers are warning Roads Minister


There is brewing tension amongst driver unions in Ghana and the Ministry of Roads and Highways over plans to increase road toll fees in the country.

This has come at a time that government has increased fuel prices by more than 5% and a resultant increase in transport fares now that the 2021 Appropriation Bill (Budget) has been approved.

Roads Minister, Kwasi Amoako Atta told the Parliament's Appointments Committee when he appeared before it for getting that, it is time that the nation faced the facts and increase road toll fees if government is to get enough funds to put the highways in good shape.

Currently, there are 35 toll booths on the highways across the country; vehicles, depending on their sizes pay fees ranging from 50 Ghana Cedis to about 3 Ghana Cedis to cross each of them at a time.

It is in this light that the driver unions have vowed to defy any directive from government to increase toll levies, since according to them, there's nothing to show for all the toll bills they have paid to the Ghana Highways Authority.

Speaking in an interview Kwame Nkrumah Tikese on Okay FM monitored by this writer, President of the True Drivers Union, Yaw Barimah said, "they should consider expanding the Nsawam Prison because it can't contain us; we will not pay any additional toll levies and that will result in our arrest and we are ready to be imprisoned. I think they are taking drivers for granted because we don't have high academic qualifications."

Yaw Barimah also callled on Minister not Roads and Highways to account for all the toll levies his ministry has received and also hand over the duty of collection of tolls to the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) for better accountability.

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