The Difference Betweens Khat/ Miraa And Muguka Explained


N/B: Image used for illustrative purposes only.

Khat is a stimulant drug which gives the user a happy feeling and mood. The crop is mostly grown in Meru and Embu counties. User chew the leaves to achieve maximum effect for longer hours. In an urban center, you won't miss a trader selling in a canteen full of reggae music. In this article, we will highlight the main difference between Khat and Muguka as most people confuse them to being the same.

With appearance, Khat appears to be like thin stems whereas Muguka appears as tiny leaves which may vary in color depending on their origin of growth.

Khat which also has a local name Miraa tends to be a bit expensive than Muguka. It is sold in bunches known a "surba", the least bunch goes for two hundred shillings. The latter on the other is sold in quantities for as low as fifty shillings making it more recommendable.

In terms of achieving maximum effect to the user, Muguka can be felt within ten to twenty fifteen minutes of chewing. Khat takes longer to achieve the effect. Approximately thirty to forty five minutes. Though Khat tends to have a strong and longer effect that's why truck drivers mostly prefer it due to staying in the blood stream longer.

In Miraa the usee has to chew part of the stem while in Muguka the whole leaf is chewed. Chewing gums or groundnuts are used as accompaniments to fade the bitter taste. Hope now you are familiar with the two. Muguka is the most popular though as it is easily affordable.

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