Some Characteristics of Teachers a Typical Ghanaian Student Might Come Across No Matter What


Today is indeed another beautiful day the Lord has indeed made and as usual one found himself at the beach.

I simply love been at the beach as the sea breeze is something I cannot simply finish enjoying. After taking in my rice with nkontomire stew, I hurriedly found myself at the beach to put on my thinking cap and this came in.

A look at some characteristics of teachers a typical Ghanaian student might come across in his or her entire life as a student was what came in mind when I overheard these two guys talking about their teachers in secondary schools.

No matter the level of education you find yourself in Ghana, you are most likely to come across some of these teachers I am going to talk about.

I for instance still remember the names of my nursery madams; Auntie Selena and Madam Vida.

The former was loved by all as she was calm and loving but the latter was something else. She knows no plea when you err as the cane will strike no matter what.

Let of course move back to business as usual as we intend to have a look at some of the characteristics of most Ghanaian teachers.

Let the class begin;

(Picture for illustrative purpose only)

The Well-dressed

As a student going through the ranks of the country’s educational system, you’re most likely to come across one particular teacher who is always well dressed.

And his dressings most certainly tend to be the subject of discussions among your peers. He or she is always unique when it comes to his or her appearance.

The Shabby Dressed

If you are most likely to come across a well-dressed teacher then there is no doubt you are most likely to come across the opposite of that when it comes to teachers who are mostly shabby-dressed. They simply don’t care about their appearance.

But the funny thing is that these are teachers who always go for inspections when it comes to the appearance of students.

The Homework Giver

There are some teachers whom you will come across and it appears they simply don’t seem to forget when it comes to homework. They always give out homework and the funny thing is that they rarely give homework on the subject they taught.

When students complain, they will say that’s why its a homework. You have to get someone to teach you.

The Complainers

Female teachers are the ones who mostly fall under this category. The least thing one does, he or she is most likely to find himself at the principal’s or headmaster’s office.

The During Our time…

Another set of teachers a typical Ghanaian student is most likely to come across is that of these teachers who don’t teach history but always do have examples to give about themselves hence tend to use all their time to talk about themselves and most at times begin their stories with; During our time…

The Wicked French Teacher

Have you for once come across a French teacher who is really cool and calm? It appears 90% of most French teachers are wicked and when they step in class, it is the cane that does most of the talking.

My French teacher; Mr. Agabus; made me speak eloquent French without me stepping foot on any Francophone as it was his cane that was doing most of the talking. You will learn it no matter what.

The Lashing Teacher

These teachers can be found in every school. They don’t consider anybody and it makes students wonder whether they went to study lashing as course during training college.

The Calm

The most calming teacher I have ever come across was Mrs. Fameye. She was so calm that everyone loved her class. There were no canes but one thing which was common in her class was sleeping.

The Busy for Nothing Ones

These are teachers who are hardly in class. They mostly miss their class period with the excuse they have somewhere to go.

And the funny thing is that anytime they find themselves in class, they tend to leave before their period is over.

They are simply busy for nothing and this tend to happen each and every year.

The Lazy Ones

These are teachers each Ghanaian student will encounter as well irrespective of his or her level of education. These types of teachers can give all the assignments in the world but rarely mark them after they have been submitted.

Mostly, students do the marking on their behalf.


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