Here Is What A Facebook User Posted That is Getting A Lot Of Applause

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Most great advice or truth come in hilarious packages. Others come from a drunken vessel, that is, a drunk. Such is like and my friends would say "life no balance". Of course, life is not balanced.

Solutions don't usually come from the source it is expected. Looking at this post made by this Facebook user, you will not but concur with the above submission. The poster of the content carelessly or would I say hilariously made a very striking point.

In his post, he displayed a mud antiquated hut and captioned it, "This is where some of you slept as you travelled for Xmas and New Year, while you carry I-phone 21 and wear hair that you can convert the money for bags of cement." He concluded by the following words, "Say no to fake life this year". Take a look at the original post

He made mention of I-phone 21 and foreign hair that could be converted to bags of cement and I recalled a chat I heard with a guy. He is from my hometown, but he lives in Lagos. When I visited Lagos last year, I checked on him. He was doing fairly well in his lotto business, but guess what, the house that guy posted is a mansion to compare the kind of house his mother lives and he is using I-phone 11.

Still, he was bragging about it. I never thought that lotto business was that lucrative, but he opened my eyes to the fact. When I tried letting him know the reason why he should build a befitting house for his mother, even if it is two rooms, he behaved as if he has the plan, but he is even considering doing that. It was just to cover up his shame.

The writer of that Facebook post wanted to sound funny but ended up getting into the crux of the matter. Almost everybody that comes across the post was deeply touched. Check out the reaction below, which shows it's making a lot of impacts.

We pray that this impact will be sustained in the heart of anyone that reads this post. This is because fake life is destroying our youths. Our youths need to understand that Social Media photos are never real. Nobody posts a picture which is not attractive. Nobody will post his pictures when he is hungry or look haggard or doing odd jobs.

What do you think about this post? Do you know anyone so engrossed in fake life or are you practising it? Please get down to the comment section and drop your thoughts. Please, also like, share and follow us for more great articles.

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