Sad, 10 Years of Toil in Saudi Arabia, No Salary~Kenyan Family in Agony as Their Kin is Withheld.


Photo: Margaret Wairimu.

Margaret Wairimu left Kenya for Saudi Arabia. This was in a bid to seek a well-paying job to help her fend for the family.

However, all has not been well for the mother of one. For 10 years, she has endured working for an Arabian family. Which according to the family has refused to send any payments, to help in the upkeep of his son.

Efforts by the family to reach out to Margaret's employer have remained to be futile. The feedback they receive is always heartbreaking.

The Arabian family claims that Wairimu disclosed that no money should be sent to her kins back in Kenya. A claim that the Wairimu's family believe is false.

To add on, Wairimu is said to have only been paid once.And that was in March, since she began working.

It is heartbreaking to hear that one's payments are being denied. W hen he/she has dedicated and sacrificed to work in a bid to provide for the family.

All in all, the good news is that Human affairs enthusiast, Nelson Mike Mithamo with the help of an Arabian friend is trying their level best to see justice is found. That Margaret Wairimu be paid all her dues and the family briefed about her well being.

All the best.

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