How To Appear On Quiz Show At Switch TV Kenya

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Launched on 8th October 2018, Switch TV has grown to being a station loved by many due to its dynamic nature complete with inspirational and entertaining content. Today, one of those shows adored by its viewers includes the quiz show aired on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

As shared on their social media platforms, for one to make an apppearance on show, all that is required first of all is that the person who is set to be considered must be twenty five year old or more. As such, the space is opened up to the youth angling to 'test' their listening and speaking skills.

To reach the studio planners and organizers, a brief detail of your intentions to appear can be sent via the SMS code 22999. Alternatively, an elaborate message can be sent by putting it in the comments section on their pages. Once a message is sent, the feedback is given shortly thereafter.

If you find the information useful, then please share so that others wishing to be part of the show can know how to go about it. In case of any difficulties then note below so that I get to assist you.


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