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In Nigeria, most especially in the southwest region, many individuals are fond of taking and relying on the local herbs called 'Agbo' for treatment of ailments and cleansing of their body system, not knowing that it has some side effects.

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Agbo is one of the patronized medicine amidst Yorubas, not minding the mode of preparation and with different believes attached to it, and it saddens the heart that most people do not know it has some side effects to the body system which will be discussed in this article.

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Agbo is either soaked in palm wine, alcohol, or water before taken, and according to medical experts, with reports from Guardian Nigeria, the side effects of taking Agbo, is that it can damage the Kidney and the Liver. The major fear comes from the fact that, no one knows how it was prepared, how it was handled, what was used to prepare it, the dosage, the shelf life and the expiry date.

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In other words, believing that Agbo can cure some ailments and can clean the body system is good, and that is if it is prepared in the best and hygienic way aside that, the concoction can lead to Kidney and Liver damages.


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