The Things that happens to you when you are often alone

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 Everyone needs a place and a time in which they can be completely alone, otherwise, it becomes a faceless function that takes over that of the others, but not their tasks because being surrounded all the time makes your boredom impossible to formulate. Maturity goals. You are probably familiar with the principle that even the most intelligent person, even a teacher, immediately becomes a part of it in a crowd. stands out from the crowd and proudly calls itself a society. 


 Important questions and meaningful ideas arise when one is alone 


 Questions arise in emptiness and silence when one is left alone with oneself. Only here, incomplete Soedad, can a person who recognizes what is important to him for what he lives, and where he goes. Certainly, not all of them will come true, but it is better than abandoning them entirely or playing the role of a cog in someone else's plans that cannot always be dismantled. 


 A person not only does not listen to his d, therefore, but does also not make personal plans. All that remains is the choice between random change options; one of them becomes the timetable of life. After reaching the goal, that person sighs with some relief, without satisfaction; rather, it is finally exhausted. Now like a dry leaf, in a garbage bag and on fire. 

 A unique work of art is created 

 A noisy crowd has not created a real work of art. In rare cases, scientific discoveries are made by a group of people, but they too do their part of the work themselves, just reviewing the overall results. The creative process can be designed or implemented in public, but it is always born in someone's head, specifically. We guarantee that you are robbing yourself of the hypothetical possibility of creating something meaningful by giving up controlled loneliness. 

 Not everyone is ready to become a creator, but the premature elimination of potential almost means humility, a total and irresponsible acceptance of the role of the consumer. the wilderness, can't that happen? This is a crime against yourself, and if you get into the philosophical argument, then maybe a crime against the whole world. It is when your unrealized potential could create something meaningful within civilization as a whole. 


 Alone you can switch off everything  


 We are used to taking a break from work, for example after sporting activity or a long journey. All of this is strenuous in different ways and requires a different pause; However, a rare person has a habit of resting from everything, at least sometimes. You can do this alone, preferably in silence and darkness, without films, games or background music. Try to remember the last time you met. was under such conditions? 

 Probably if the lights go out, then sure, you've picked up the phone and it's no time to rest. After all, there are so many unreviewed memes, so many important unreported comments. it processes all sources of information, including cultural sounds, generated by society, television, radio, internet, outdoor advertising, and everything else.

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