Mzansi's Not Happy With 70yrs Old Man After He Went To #SengKhathele To Dump His 39yr Old Girlfriend

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Twitter page with the hashtag #SengKhathele and the most recent episode of Dstv Mzansi Magic Channel 161 are the sources.

On tonight's edition of #SengKhathele, we meet 70-year-old Clement, who is married but is also dating 39-year-old Dimpho. Despite his marital status, Clement is dating Dimpho. The reason that the man Clement went to see #SengKhathele was because he discovered that his girlfriend Dimpho was having sexual relations with other men. It would appear like Clement wants to call a stop to his relationship with Dimpho.

Both Mpho and her partner are in their 70s, but Mpho's mother is 72 years old. Dimpoo claimed that she had no idea how old he was until she saw him in #SengKhathele. We have to question ourselves whether there is still a Kady out there who is unaware of who their relationships are. It is just now that she is learning how old he is, SengKhathele. She has been seeing this guy for a while but has no idea how old he is; how is this even possible?

"I love her, but she needs to quit talking such rubbish," I said. - Bab Msomi

Ntante Msomi is upset because of his partner's infidelity. At that point, he will have reached the age of 70. And he is married to a partner of his own. However, Grandpa has a nicer appearance than the majority of people who are 70 years old. You can only pick it up when he's talking... Takes forever like my grandparents. Is he faithful to her while at the same time expecting that she be devoted to him? Msomi is counting on the faithfulness of a "Side," yet he is being unfaithful to his wife.

Lerato receives confirmation from Ntate Msomi that the structure is still standing and intact. He is a self-centered person who doesn't give a damn about the people in his life, particularly his wife and children. They treated one another with respect and were able to comprehend one another. What a delightful portion of the show. My heart is breaking because women are putting themselves through hell for the sake of love in some parts of the world. I couldn't be happier that these queens are selecting themselves.

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