Parents Advised To Choose TVET Schools For Their Wards To Reduce Unemployment

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As Ghana continue to battle with huge unemployment among the youth, the Ministry of Education is encouraging parents and guardians to select TVET schools for their wards so that they can be self employed after completing school.

The Ministry of Education has increased the number of schools under the Technical and Vocational Education Training Service (TVETS) programmes from 47 to 186 as part of measures to promote the selection of TVETs programmes in the ongoing school placement selection. 

As the Ghana Education Service is currently moving from churches to mosques in the name of sensitizing parents, guardians, and candidates awaiting results on the Computerized School Selection and Placement Systems (CSSPS), more emphasis is being placed on Vocational Education programmes for students who wrote the 2021 BECE. 

The Ministry of Education is encouraging parents and guardians to supervise their ward's school selection by helping them to make well-informed decisions on what programmes to learn in second cycle institutions and, more importantly, choose TVET programmes for their wards. 

The Ministry has outlined some major benefits students who choose TVETS programmes will derive -with TVET, students are rest assured of being gainfully employed by themselves. Again, students who want to develop their entrepreneurial capabilities should make it a dream to enroll in TVET institutions.

That is not all, TVET is free in all public TVET providing institutions. This is because, come 2022,the programme will be free for all junior high school graduates. A big opportunity to choose from the 186 institutions where it is being offered.

There is a general perception among parents, guardians, and candidates that choose TVET programme are low achievers in terms of academics. As a result, students are discouraged from choosing such programme. 

This is the reason why students in TVET schools are less respected in the society than their colleagues doing General Arts, Business, and Science courses. 

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