Fintiri's Claims That A North-East President Will End Insurgency:Must They Wait To Become President?

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In anticipation of the upcoming 2023 Presidential election along with the aggravating insecurity challenges that's currently taking its toll in the Northern part of the country especially in the North-Eastern region, the able governor of Adamawa State, Ahmadu Fintiri has come out to claim that a president from the North-East part of the country would end insurgency in Nigeria within his first term in office.

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The governor who made this known in a recent publication from Punch further asserted that the former Chief of Army Staff, General Tukur Buratai would have snuffed out insecurity in the country if he had been given 100 percent support.

Conspicuously, in the light of the recent statement from the governor concerning the insecurity threats that are currently facing the nation, my question is; Must the North-East wait to produce a president from the zone before they can end the issue of insecurity that's troubling the region?

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I thought the meaning of the one Nigeria which we all have always believed in entails that everyone must work together to achieve a common goal which will definitely be for the interest of everyone. Must we politicize issues like these just for our personal gains? What difference exists between the North-East and the Northwest that the latter would wait to acquire the position of a president before they can do the needful.

However, in my own point of view, if the North-East is capable of ending the insecurity challenges facing the North as a whole according to Governor Fintiri's claims, then they should commence the process immediately because Nigeria is currently in a situation where every positive idea on how the current problem on ground could be solved would greatly be welcomed by the government.

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What are your thoughts on this?

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