Manchester City's Chance of Winning The Champions League Never Looked So Thick

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Manchester City have been dominating the Premier League ever since they brought Spaniard Pep Guardiola to the club. With Pep's style of play and City's former managers' style of play, it was always going to be a perfect match.

Pep Guardiola won a European treble at Barcelona. He won the Champions League twice. He then went to German giants Bayern Munich. He ruled the Bundesliga. He won three Bundesliga titles in three years.

He arrived at Manchester City in 2016. Many may say that he lived up to expectations. He won the Premier League twice already. Currently Man City are ahead of second place Manchester United by 14 points. So it's highly likely that Pep will win his third. But most Manchester City fans would trade two Premier League trophies for the Champions League.

And some would say his tenure at the blue side of the city was unsuccessful should he depart without winning the Champions League title.

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