Latest way to make various extreme hair growth product at home


VARIOUS EXTREME HAIR GROWTH HOME REMEDIES (Follow any of ur desire method)



Ginger 1

Egg 1

PROCEDURE: Extract the ginger juice, extract the egg white, & add to ginger juice & mix well, apply on ur hair, cover ur hair with shower cap & leave it over night, then rinse, do this twice a week till u get ur desire length. 



Alovera             - 1

Coconut oil          - half cup 

Vitamin E  cap      - 2


Cut the Alovera leaf into pieces, put in a pot & add the coconut oil, steam on low heat for 10 minutes, allow to cool, then sieve it to get it oil, put it in a bowl & add 2 cap of vitamin E. Safe in a tight bottle, use twice a week.





Avocado   - 1

Carrots    - 4 piece

Coconut oil - 3 tbs 

Sesame oil - half bottle 


Put ur grated carrots mixed with Avocado in a frying pan & allow to steam on a low heat for 5 minutes, add sesame oil, coconut oil, & let it steam more for 10 minutes, bring it down, allow to cool, then sieve it & pour in a tight bottle, rub on ur hair 4 times a week. 



Beans - half cup (200 grams) 

Water  -  (230 millilitres ) 

White wine - half cup (230 millilitres) 


Boil the half cup of beans with the cup of water. When the water turns completely red, add the half cup of white wine & let it cool for 15minutes. Then apply it to ur hair & leave it for another 15 minutes. After time, rinse ur hair with a shampoo without salt & apply conditioner. Repeat this once a week, & in a short while u will get a good result. 



Rice - half cup

Water - half cup 


Rinse ur rice with water, then add half cup of water to it & pour in a tight jar to fumigate for 24 hours, then put the rice water in a spray bottle or rubber & spray on ur hair all through, rinse after 20 minutes with mild shampoo


There are five main ways that shampoos attempt to slow or stop hair loss. 

The first is by increasing blood flow to the scalp using ingredients like cayenne or gingko biloba. The second is by preventing inflammation of the scalp through soothing ingredients like aloe vera. The third is by using caffeine to stimulate the growth of hair follicles. 

The fourth is by preventing nutritional deficiencies through the inclusion of vitamins such as B7 and zinc, which are thought to be important in hair growth. And the fifth is by blocking DHT (dihydrotestosterone), a hormone which causes hair loss, primarily through the inclusion of ketoconazole, but also (more controversially) through natural ingredients such as pumpkin seed, saw palmetto and green tea.

And that's not all. Hair grown shampoos are also designed to be volumizing, by providing protein that helps fortify individual hairs, and vitamin B2 which attracts moisture, giving each hair a fuller appearance. So even if they don't stop or slow the hair loss itself, by thickening your existing hair strands they will give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Do note, though, that this effect will be more marked in men with fine hair, and less so in men who already have thick hair.

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