I Will Never And Ever Forget The Slaps That Cecilia Marfo Gave Me Although I Have Forgiven Her.

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There was a time that on social media it was said that the award winning gospel musician Cecilia Marfo slapped her fellow gospel musician Brother Sammy on a program .

Once again Ghanaian Award winning gospel musician Brother Sammy has once again revisited or remembered about the slaps that he got from his colleague or fellow gospel musician,Cecilia Marfo.

It could be recalled that the male award winning gospel musician Brother Sammy got the shock of his life as he collected or received some slaps from his colleague Cecilia Marfo,

This was after he was invited by the female gospel musician Cecilia Marfo to her concert. Upon reaching or getting to the concert grounds and when the female gospel musician saw him she jumped from the stage immediately she saw him and she started rebuking him saying he has evil spirits and proceed to poor water on him and in the process , she tore his neck chain at that moment ,as if that wasn't enough she slapped him about five to six times on his face everyone at the concert ground was watching in a dismay.

Speaking about this recent interview with Hlifax Ansah Addo on Okay FM .

The award winning gospel musician Brother Sammy stated that ;

I have forgiven her of all her sins she has done by slapping and embarrassment she caused me but I can not forget it because whenever I hear her song or meet her at an occasion or programme,I remember the incident .

I'm not sure I will forget it but I have forgiven her.

This was said in an interview after the female gospel musician snatched a Microphone from the hands of Joice Blessing popularly known as unbreakable.

So the male award winning gospel musician Brother Sammy stated that he can never and ever forget the incidents as far as he's still alive because he's a human being and things pains him also .

But he has forgiven her.

Pls let's pray for our gospel musicians to avoid the devil to dive them or brings misunderstanding among them to or even it affecting the word of God.

Do u think Brother Sammy should try to forget about it

please drop your opinion in the comment section or box.

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