"I Prayed And Fasted For God To Give Me A Wife", Gospel Singer Talks About His Ordeal In The USA

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Earlier on Monday, gospel singer Benachi was a guest at Jalango TV, where he was for an interview. The interview majorly focused on himself and how he made it out of the country to settle to the United States.

Benachi when asked about how he got to the United states, he said that he had an uncle who lives in the states. By that time, his hit song mwanake had opened a lot of doors and he had a number of shows that he was doing. He records about twenty shows that he did while in the states, and then it was time to come back.

Seemingly he had loved the states though and didn’t feel like coming back. Onto how he found his wife, he explained that it was through prayers. He says that he kept constantly praying to God to give him not just a wife, but a good wife who would stay.

He met his wife in one of the churches where he went to perform and after the show a lady came and started sending him around, without knowing he was a guest at the event. He however developed feelings for her after that and decide to make a move.

He went on to say that after marriage he then got a visa easily as the law make it easy for someone to get a visa once they’re married there. And yes! that’s how he ended up in the states with a wife. Below is the video link to the story


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