What to Say or Do to a Woman on First Date


Every man wishes to capture the attention of a woman on first sight.

Likewise, women need to be shown the highest possible level of fondness and appreciation especially on first recognition.

Very simply put, looking for a long term relationship needs you to be genuine, witty and focused if the other party has to be glued.

Here are three simple things to do or say to help you appeal to the woman of your dreams.

First, know what you like in her. Being sure of what you like in her and mentioning it warms her heart making it hard for her to resist.

Secondly, spend on her, albeit a little. This will make her appreciate your generosity and a sense of responsibility for her needs.

In the foregoing case, however, it is important to note that she may not necessarily have asked for it; and she will easily understand you the time you say you are down.

Thirdly, express a little about her family, either about siblings or parents; this will make her feel she has found someone who cares beyond herself and so increase her fondness for you.

If you do all these, you are likely to have her for a worthy partner.

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