Showboy Recounts His Fight With Junior US; Advises The Youth To Stay Away From Violence

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It's been 6 years since Sam Kwabena Safo Junior, well known as Showboy began serving his jail time.

Showboy recounting the incident also shared a video of his fight with Junior US.

He alleged that it was Criss Waddle who sent Junior to his apartment.

According to the 2hypegang CEO, he shared the video to advise the youth to stay away from violence and anything that will then to failure.

Showboy says he's suffering everyday and it's his prayer that God grants him the second chance to continue chasing his dream.

He further stated that if he could reverse everything, he will never fight back and will just walk away.

Showboy wrote;

"Exactly 6yrs ago criss waddle sent junior us to my apartment...6yrs ago I lost my freedom on the 4th of July 2016 ... I post this video to advice the new youth to stay away from voilence and anything that lead will lead them to failure .. am suffering everyday and I pray Allah /God grant me a second chance to continue chasing my dream ..being fighting for my freedom for the past 6yrs . Defending criss waddle and amg led me to failure ..If I could reverse everything I will never fight back ..I will just walk away ... Stay away from violence my people and let's learn to control our temper .."

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