How To Make East Africa Rice Pilau.


Pilau never miss in any special occasion and events.It is made of rice cooked in a well seasoned broth of meat or chicken.East Africa pilau is always less spicy. Pilau can be served as a stand alone meal or can be served with kachumbari [a cool refreshed salad made with tomatoes red onions ,cilantro and spicy pepper.

Below are the ingredients that one requires:

.Pilau masala






.salt and bay leaves

Below is the process on how to make the East Africa Rice Pilau;

1.Toast and blend pilau masala

use medium saucepan and medium heat

2.Brown the onions

This is by frying it in oil until it is caramelizes.This should take 10 -15 minutes.Stir the garlic ,ginger.

3.Add meat .

Stock cubes ,pilau masala,cilantro,bay leaves and salt to taste and brown the meat.

4.Stir in the tomatoes

Cook until it dissolves then stir in the potatoes.

5.Add water

Then bring everything to a rolling boil and leave the potatoes to cook for 1 minute.

6.Stir in the rice

Stir in the rice and then cover tightly using aluminium foil to keep the steam in.Then place the lid over it and leave it to cook on a low heat for 20 minute until the liquid has been absorbed.

7.Serve hot