Diamond Price Per Kilogram In Kenya, Uses And Photos Of It's Products


Diamond as we all know is metal mined deep underground,it's extraction from the ground is Expensive hence it's prices are also expensive.

Let's see some of it's uses

1.Diamond is used to make drill bits and screws-This is because is the hardest metal hence suitable for making drill bits.

2.It is also used for as a sign of wealth.It is believed that people with diamond products are richer and this is true because not everyone has its products, only few who are richer.

3.It is also used in making chains and watches.For example Diamond watches and chainsDiamond watch courtesy.

Let's see it's price Per Kg in Kenya

Due to unavailability and Expensive to extract,it's prices are highFrom the table we can see that 1gram is Ksh.473 hence 1kilogram will be 473 multiply 1000 which is 473000/- which is a good amount.

Here are it's productsDiamond products courtesy.

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