Wamucii Wa Kinyari Has Confessed The Critical Stage Her Marriage Is Going Through


Wamucii Wa Kinyari is a veteran media personality who worked at Media Max affiliated vernacular station, kameme fm before she resigned to concentrate on her YouTube channel. She was born in Mathira constituency, Nyeri county in the former Central province. Just like other children from very humble background, she attended day primary and secondary school before joining University of Nairobi for a bachelor of arts. Wamucii who is a counselor has highlighted various stages that a marriage goes through. They includes:

1. Dreaming. It covers from the first day to about one year.

2. Drama. It's the most draining and time waster. Partners doesn't understand each other properly hence high chance of breaking.

3. Discoverly phase. Lovers knows one another properly and can now live without conflict.

4. Devepmental. husband and wife can now invest together for their future and children.

She has revealed that her union is almost completing the second phase successfully and has asked her funs to share their thoughts and stages they are in.

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