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it is not a secret that being able to win lotto is not easy some have been playing and nothing happens for Them, some just win 3 numbers and 2 numbers but they have never managed to hit the jackpot, many could be wondering what is the secret to be able to win lotto?

Well there's no secret when it comes to winning lotto, you just have to take a chance to play and hope for the best.

For some people they have managed to be able to hit the jackpot, this changed their lives for the better and it is unfortunate that many people that manage to hit the jackpot it is unfortunate for them because they return to the same financial position that they were in before making a big win for lottery.

South African lotto made a call that there's unclaimed ticket worth of R20 million, it is reported that the ticket was played in Johannesburg but the holder of the ticket ddnt show up to claim the price.

This is good news but if the holder doesn't show up to claim the ticket they the SA lotto will have to give away the Money to the Fund that is meant to help the poor people in south Africa.

If you are the lucky winner please check your ticket and report as there's millions that have to be claimed, the SA lotto also calls for ticket holders to report their tickets before their lose them, once your ticket is lost the SA lotto cannot take responsibility for your ticket to be recovered you will definitely have to show your ticket to provide evidence that you have won lottery.please claim your ticket if you have it because there's money waiting for you.

To better the online experience SA lotto says people can definitely play Iotto online but certain amount up to R50 000 can be paid directly into the account of the player but for the amount which is above the player will definitely have to go the nearest lotto office to claim their price, but they will definitely get notification from their bank.


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