I Cannot Be Gagged- Bagbin Claps Back Over Withdrawal Of Millitary Detail

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18th January 2022

Information went rife on Saturday that the Ghana Amed Forces (GAF) had withdrawn four millitary officers assigned to the office of the speaker of parliament. The reasons given by the GAF is that the assignment of the four officers did not follow due process. The letter detailing this added that the withdrawal of the officers was to enable due process to be followed.

While many social commentators are sharing their thoughts on this, the Speaker of parliament has responded to the action of the GAF.

According to a statement from the office of the speaker, the action of the millitary is politically motivated intended to gag him and Parliament. The statement said the speaker will not be disturbed nor gagged over this development. It added that the good people of Ghana had already decided that they want proper checks and balances hence voted for a hung parliament. Mr. Bagbin promise to continue to deliver on the mandate of the good people of Ghana and will not be intimidated in anyway.

Below is the statement from the office of the Speaker of parliament.

" The office of the Rt. Hon. Speaker, Alban S. K. Bagbin, has taken note of the withdrawal of four military officers posted to assist in the protection of the Speaker. The attempt to strip the Speaker off security protection is untenable. In a country that takes pride in its democratic institutions and processes, the decision to reduce the number of security personnel assigned to the Speaker detracts from the political gains that Ghana has made, and is a bad precedent.

The unknown reason for such a move is puzzling, but the real motive should be obvious to all objective observers of the political scene in Ghana. If it is an attempt to gag the Speaker, this move will serve to only widen the gap between the legislature and the other arms of government. It also hints at the possibility of a plot to place the safety and security of the Speaker in harm' s way.

The citizens of this country yearned for an effective separation of powers as well as check and balance, and voted to have a hung Parliament. They are looking for a lot more consultation, consensus building and dialogue. This move contrasts with that and certainly is a bad precedent.

In decisions such as these, we must ensure that we are guided by the overall interest of this country and the sustenance of our democracy and its institutions"

Many social media commentators have attributed the decision to withdraw the millitary personnel to the speaker' s hostility to the Government particularly, the rejection of the 2022 budget. On 26th November 2021, Mr. Bagbin supervised the house of legislation to reject the 2022 budget. This was done in the absence of the majority group as they had staged a walk out in protest of the speaker' s decision to sack the finance minister from the plenary.


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