Photo of Njugush and his friend Phil director before fame.

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Timothy Kimani known by many as Njugush on 22/02/2022 , posted a picture of him and Philip Karanja (phil director) husband to kate actress that was taken back then before they became famous. It was Phil's birthday. Njugush captioned the photo saying they were cute.

Njugush is a comedian and an influencer. Phil is a producer working alongside Abel Mutua , (Mkurugenzi). The three have been great friends ever since they joined the film industry.

Here are some of the reactions on the photo:

Both Njugush and Phil have had great transformation. Here are some of their photos.

This is Njugush.

This is Phil

Njugush married Celestine Ndinda. They both have a son called Tugi. Here is a photo of them .

Phil is the husband to Kate Actress.Here is a photo of him and Kate.

They all have this great friendship bond that they post each other on their Instagram pages.

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