“I Will Never Seek Your Support’ Hon Millie Odhiambo to Gladys Wanga.

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Suba North Mp Millie Odhiambo Mabona has reacted to Homabay Senator’s Sentiments made yesterday at a rally.

The controversial and outspoken legislator has called on Senator Moses and Homabay Women Rep Gladys Wanga to respect her.

Millie made a post yesterday about Gladys Wanga but later denied that it wasn’t about the latter.

She shared this on her social claiming that she doesn’t need anyone’s support, though many of her fans and netizens alike deduced that she was talking about Wanga.

Here is the post that attracted mixed reactions from her fans.

“I have never sought your support. I seek not your support. I will not seek your support.

Respect is paramount.

I unequivocally support Baba the 5th,” read Millie’s post.

Well, today she again took to her social to tell of Homabay Senator and Gladys Wanga to respect her.

In the post, she shared the video of Moses Kajwang telling her to support Wanga who was duly nominated.

“Senator Moses Kajwang and Hon Gladys Wanga, I respect you as fellow leaders. Please stop demeaning me and attacking me,” Millie shared.

Well, Hon Millie Odhiambo has not been seen with Gladys Wanga on most occasions.

She did nlt attend the launch of Wanga’s gubernatorial bid held in the Homabay town.

The launch was attended by the Azimio bigwigs including Ngilu, Sabina Chege, and a host of politicians, and Royal Media’s SK. Macharia.

Millie also shared another note on her Facebook page, where the writer shared that Gladys Wanga’s only crime is being young.

The writer noted that both Hon Gladys Wanga and Hon Millie Mabona enjoyed a cordial relationship both in Homabay and nationally.

The note goes on to read that the main problem between Hon Gladys Wanga and Hon Millie Mabona is the former’s appointment to the parliamentary service commission.

This the writer says earned her, Gladys Wanga more enemies than friends including John Mbadi, Aisha Jumwa and many others.

“John Mbadi voluntarily accepted to quit the race in favour of ODM Party candidate but as never made efforts to rally his supporters behind the party’s candidates despite being the National Chair of the ODM Party,”

It added:

“While Kaluma is flip-flopping, Lilian Gogo and Millie Odhiambo have said time without number that they are not going to support Hon Gladys Wanga,”

“not because of anything but merely because they think they should be the ones running for Governor. If Millie feels she should be governor and not Hon Gladys then one wonders why she’s not running to succeed Awiti,”

“Hon Moses Kajwang, Hon Eve Obara, Hon Martin Owino, Hon Charles Were, Hon Adipo Okuome and all the ODM Party candidates in Homabay County are rallying behind Hon Gladys Wanga’s superior sustainable development agenda at a time when Millie and co are here selling for us fear,” concluded the note.

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