10 Things Ladies Want That You May Not Know About

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Relationships are meant to be enjoyed by both parties especially when it has to do with romantic ones.

In most cases, some guys don't know what ladies want and how they can go about it.

In case she doesn't tell you these things, these are some of the most important ones you need to know.

1. Good morning or night texts.

It doesn't take much of your time to do so but doing it consistently can drive the lady thinking about you all night.

This could build some sort of trust between both parties as she can be sure that you were thinking about her when you sent the text to her at that period.

2. Hugs from behind.

You may not know about this but most ladies love when her guy hugs her from behind.

What you need to do, is to constantly hug her from behind more often.

3. Deep or long conversations.

Spend quality time talking to her when you both meet. This is one thing ladies loves about a guy. Even if you don't meet often, do make sure you call her and speak with her for a long. Gist about many things, what's bothering you or what's bothering her, how her day went or how yours went.

4. To take pictures together.

Even if you are not a picture person, develop that character to take pictures when you both meet. It may not be an event but taking pictures together matters a lot.

5. Surprises, even little ones.

Try and get her something nice even if it's little but that would be well appreciated by her in numerous ways.

If you can do this, then your relationship with her is said to last longer.

6. Telling her why you love her.

You may not know this but girls love it when you constantly give her reasons why you love them.

Don't just tell her that cause she is beautiful or the only girl in the world that your eyes are after. Observe things about her that triggers your hormones to fall for her always and keep that in mind as a reason why you love her.

7. Making time for her.

Don't be too busy with your girlfriend. When you get too busy, she starts to lose interest in you and forget about all the things you have done. In everything you do, try and spare time for your girlfriend.

8. Cuddle and watch Netflix.

Make sure you have movies on your phone or laptop or even on Netflix so that you both can constantly watch together.

While doing so, cuddle her and watch a movie on Netflix or something.

9. Random kisses.

While talking or walking, randomly kiss her. It may not be on the lips but the sides are okay as well. Do this constantly.

10. A guy that never lies.

Whatever you do, try not to lie to a lady especially when she is your girlfriend. It would break her heart and she may not trust you well enough.

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