“I ordered a cake for son now I received Baby Cyril Ramaphosa”. A lady crying for her son’s cake

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The global is complete of surprises, and those who are humorous are even extra so. Despite the reality that everybody hustles in a exceptional way, a few human beings land up stumbling on matters they declare to be incredible at, leaving clients dissatisfied.


Let's take Rasta as an example; the artist is thought for growing ungainly artwork that often communicate to human beings, however he is likewise recognised for in no way giving up on his artwork.

A woman with the aid of using the call of Kamo Marven took to Twitter to specific her dissatisfaction with the reality that she had obtained some thing aside from what she had asked. She appears to have positioned an order for a cake for her son, who's probable a new child child primarily based totally at the reality that she did now no longer point out her age, however she changed into enraged with the aid of using what she obtained.

"I order a cake for my kid, after which this female promises me the cake for Cyril Ramaphosa's child," she stated on Instagram with a photograph of the dessert. Tweeters could not prevent themselves from asking her if Rasta wasn't the only who made the cake, which she refused to believe.


People from everywhere in the us of a jumped in and laughed off the woman's post, however a number of them expressed displeasure together along with her preference to evaluate Cyril Ramaphosa to cake, which she claimed changed into her intention.

Take a examine the feedback made with the aid of using different South Africans withinside the phase below.

While human beings are expressing a range of factors approximately this cake, a few are guffawing it off, at the same time as others see it as disrespect to President Cyril Ramaphosa.

What are your mind on this? Is it feasible that the cake resembles Cyril Ramaphosa?

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