"As far as we are concerned Jubillee is a dead party, UDA is the new party" Gladys Boss alleges

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Gladys Boss Sholei has hit out Jubilee top leadership for frustrating its members of parliament by threatening them for joining Ruto's UDA.

According to Sholei who was speaking at Citizen Television, Jubilee is already a dead party. She said Ruto's UDA is the new party in town and everyone should embrace the change.

"As far as we are concerned Jubilee is dead, buried and does not exist. The new party is UDA. It is a national party with a presence, the most popular party at the moment and one that carries the aspirations of Kenya," Gladys Boss.

Sholei went ahead and dared Uhuru to evict all of them from the party.

"Maybe the only thing left is to threaten the rest of us & say they are going to remove us as members of Jubilee so that we can go for by-elections & we are saying bring it on, my people will reelect me anytime," Gladys Boss

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