8 lovely things you could do for your spouse this Valentine season to spice your union

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14th of february is regarded as Valentine day. It is a day set aside to celebrate and show love to your husband, wife, family members and everyone at large.

It is a very great time for Couples to bond together and renew their commitment and love for each other. These are some activities you can use to spice up your relationship this Valentine season;

1) For those that are not yet married, this can be the best time to propose to her and to the ladies, please don't say No.

2) You can take her out to a nice restaurant and have a nice meal together and also have a nice time outside the home.

3) Take her out to see a very nice movie. You might be lucky to see a movie that can help strengthen your union or a movie that can strengthen your relationship could be purchased and viewed by the couple.

4) Buy gift or flowers for each other, it might not be too costly but a good gift will be well appreciated this season.

5) Guys surprise her with a breakfast in bed, in fact since the Valentine's day is on Sunday and it's work free day, Do the cooking yourself, that will be very romantic.

6) For married couple, they can also travel to a neighboring city and spend a nice time alone from the kids, this will be great for bonding.

7) You could go out for a sight seeing.

8) Comedy and Music shows will be very perfect.

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