"Messy" - My Girlfriend Wants To Attend The Funeral Of Her Ex-boyfriend After They've Broke Up

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The great of day of having a perfect smile on your face is the best to ever. Life has it's own way of dealing with people and I've had my perfect share of it. I'm Pebby and I live within the Accra environs. Since my childhood, I've lived with uncle who was very strict when dealing with kids. I learnt a lot from him eventhough I went through lots of trials during my stay with him. After my tertiary education, I met this beautiful woman on my way to the phone shop. She was really beautiful to the eyes. Grace had all the qualities of a perfect woman.

I got in contact with her and we had a perfect chat. We became the perfect lovebirds at the moment. She normally visits me since she is a nurse in the neighboring community. I did all the house chores even when she comes around. After two years, we got engaged in a traditional marriage and that was the best day of my life. Set to marry the love of my life.

Just the past two months, she informed me of how her ex-boyfriend lost his life due to a short illness. They broke up seven years ago. I felt very sorry since the guys was too young to die at the time. I comforted my woman and mad her aware I'm always with her and never to leave her for any woman. The date of the funeral is out and she is ready to leave Accra to Kumasi for a whole week. I declined the offer not to visit her ex-boyfriend since it wouldn't be safe out there.

She is now threatening to end the marriage if I do not allow her to go to the funeral of her ex-boyfriend. I really need your advice because my relationship is tearing apart.

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