Caroline Kangogo Was Not Murdered, She Shot Herself, Her Father Now Clears The Air


Just days after Kenyans were left speculating on the actual death of the fugitive cop Caroline Kangogo, her father has come out to set the records straight on what actually killed her daughter.

Speaking to the press from their Annin home in Elgeyo Marakwet county, Caroline's father Barnaba Kibor confirmed that her daughter got home at 10pm the previous night, before proceeding to the home's bathroom and locking herself inside.

According to the father, he has indeed confirmed from a local boda boda operator who took Caroline to their home at around 9pm the previous night before she was found death the next day.

The father revealed that the boda boda guy did not know it was Caroline he was carrying in his motorbike.

"I dont want what people are saying she was killed, and brought here. I have confirmed myself that my daughter was brought home the previous night by a boda boda guy who never knew she was Caroline. When she arrived at 10pm, she got inside the bathroom and lock the door from inside because we indeed found the door locked from inside in the morning," said Barnaba.

On allegations that the blood did not split over, Kibor said the blood oozed out from the lower chin and the left side of the head hence reducing the chances of spilling over.

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