Why Galamsey is not illegal.


The fight of Ghana against illegal mining inappropriately described as galamsey which was the corrupted version of the words gather and sell has reached a crucial stage.

Ghana was referred to as the Gold Coast by the Europeans because of the presence of a lot of gold. In fact some ancient historians had described Ghana as a land where gold grows in the soil like carrots.

If Gold grows in the soil like carrots, then what the people then will do is to gather and sell these gold to those who need it , how can that be illegal?. The Europeans wanting to have sole possession of our gold and exploit it for themselves to the exclusion of the Ghanaian made it illegal to do indigenous artisanal mining hence referring to it as gather and sell now galamsey.

Galamsey had been there ever since and yet Kumasi and it environs was referred to as the garden city of Africa. Our water bodies had life in them and they provided livelihood for people who depended on them. We  drunk fresh and sweet water from these water bodies even as recent as the 1990s.

What is happening now is not galamsey but destructive, unintelligent, unscientific large scale mining (duum). The government must fight with all the powers that it can amass to stop it and restore our water bodies and the forest.

The burning of the mining equipment including the excavators might not be the best solution but since the government wants to purge itself of corruption because of what had happened previously where seized excavators got missing or found their way back to the forest and water bodies to do more destruction, burning of these equipment had become the best option available now. By the way, has the state found a means of avoiding the payment of huge judgement debts in the near future to the owners of these equipment?

Ghanaians will not be enthuse when government start paying judgement debts. The moment this happens, it will embolden these destructive unintelligent unscientific miners (duum) to go back and the fight would have been lost ones again.

Wartyjay newshub-gh@operanewshub.com