Why Kenyan music industry will never grow better.

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Are you an upcoming artist in Kenya? Have you ever asked yourself why the Kenyan music industry seems to be lagging?

Here are some of the reasons why.


I don't know whether this is due to the intensity of ethnicity in Kenya or not.

Take an example of counties like Congo, it is recognized for rhumba music, Jamaica recognized for reggae and dancehalls ,Tanzania for bongo music, UK or US countries for hip hop music and Nigeria for afro music .In these countries ,they have a developed music industry due to a strong and recognized foundation and every single citizen try so much to make sure that their country music is uplifted by supporting their artists appropriately. What about Kenya?

Kenya does not have a specific background music genre.


Its like in Kenya, the government have not realized the value of promoting Kenyan music talents.

In most developed countries, music contributes a very great amounts of revenue and therefore, the government promotes, values and encourage music talents unlike in Kenya where that is not considered appropriately.


Most Kenyans have negative thoughts about music industry. Almost everybody takes music as morally bad.

This affects greatly the Kenyan music.

A talented kid grows up and knows music is bad. He or she fails to decide appropriately whether to explore his/her talent or not. We end up loosing great talents from childhood due to negative notions we get from others.

You as a Kenyan ,do you really think the Kenyan music industry is growing or dying ?

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