Tamale, young man was asked to carry the motorbike he stole for hours before he was asked to go


At times we should be grateful to whatever we have and not what others have, God knows everything and the best situation that deem fit you. A Young man did not find live easy in tamale as he was asked to carry a motobike he has stolen on his head for several hours before he was asked to go.

This guy was known by many people in the area as he has ever stayed there for few months before his landlord sack him due to theft issues, the youth of the area were very angry and threatened to punish him by beating which some elders in the area resist to, according to them, many motorbikes have been missing and cannot be found again, so the next time he falls as victim in that same act, they will not spare him but rather kill him, this happens in the early hours on Monday 3 may 2021.

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