The Cost Of Buying A Brand New Trailers For Tractor In Kenya.

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Trailers are tractor drawn implement that are mainly used for transportation of buildings materials and Agricultural produce loads. They are of various sizes and shape.

Many people have invested in this trailers as other farmers hire them for transportation of their harvested crops for example maize, and animal feeds like hay and nappier grass. Others hire to transport their building materials like bricks to the construction sites.

They have atleast two wheels that rotate easily hence the tractor does not us much power and energy in pulling, hence help to conserve fuel consumption.

Depending on the capacity, they are designed to carry certain amount of load to avoid breakages, some can carry up to sixty to one hundred tonnes per single trip.

The prices of buy a brand new trailers for tractors depends on the make, size and shape. They ranges from ksh 250,000 to Ksh 1,000,000. Below the prices of some in the major towns in Kenya.

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