Did You Know This About Nzulezu Village?


Nzulezu is a Nzema word that means "surface of the water". This is one of the most attractive sites to see when you come to the Ghanaian community.  

This is a village that has been structured on the surface of the water as the name implies.

This village is near the coast at the far Western part of Thanks near the border with Cote d'Ivoire.

The village is about 400 years old and still had the wooden buildings still in place and stronger like before. 

Nzulezu is a unique village built on stilts in Lake Tadane, which is home to hundreds of people in the Western Region.

Research has it that the residents migrated from Walata, a city in the ancient Ghana Empire from the Western Sudanese States. Tradition has it that the people were migrated to the place by a snail. 

The serene atmosphere created by the surrounding landscape and settlement naturally creates an awesome relationship between man and nature. 

The inhabitants of this village live a normal life which features going to school, pounding fufu, worship, etc. 

The residents of this unique village government their lives with traditional norms and taboos. For instance, the villagers are not supposed to engage in any serious activities on Thursdays. 

Nzulezu village has no connection to electricity, however, they have the chance to watch television using car batteries and also use lanterns, rechargeable or flashlight as a source of light. 

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