PDP And APC Senators Clash Over Calls For Impeachment Of Buhari

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The senators disagreed over calls for the impeachment of the President. Biodun Olujimi (PDP, Ekiti) and Yusuf Yusuf (APC, Taraba), disagreed on Wednesday, because his excellency Major General Muhammadu Buhari inability to deal with Nigeria's worsening insecurity.

Last week the opposition People's Democratic Party asked the president to rise up to the occasion or risk legislative action, but their counterparts All Progressives Congress refused such calls, saying that that Buhari was doing his best to tackle the situation.

But Olujimi, (PDP, Ekiti South) told her colleagues not to hang back to opt the President's impeachment whenever the need arose. She said that Buhari's regime is not doing enough to tackle the scourge.

But Yusuf responded by saying “If you impeach president, who takes over? Is it not the vice president? Is it not the same government?"

He also said that in his own opinion President Buhari is doing the best that he could for the country, that we must be patient with him. That we must give him enough assistance that will help solve the problem in Nigeria.

The act to provide security lies on all the state governor's, local governments and not only the president.

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