See What People Are Talking On Twitter About Barcelona New Signing Pjanic


Barcelona recently signed Pjanic the 30years old from Juventus. They did a swap with the former juventus star, while Juventus added cash + Pjanic for Authur.

Here is what people are saying about the swap deal;

@Miralem_Pjanic @arthurhromelo our hearts are broken, #Juventus and #Barcelona fans never miss you both, another chapter is starting and will be amazing! Thanks for all!

thank you for everything @arthurhromelo i’ll miss you and you didn’t deserve to go 😪 nothing but best wishes for you... and welcome @Miralem_Pjanic 🔴🔵

He almost has as many ball recoveries as pjanic Arthur is a cm whilst pjanic is a cdm and ofc pjanic will have higher foward passing stats he plays deeper in the pitch

#Pjanic 💙❤️ welcome to the best team in the world ❤️❤️ #welcomepjanic @Miralem_Pjanic

We've bought another more or less guaranteed starter in Pjanic. Riqui better keep getting game time. @QSetien

Barca had done a wrong business through this deal. @arthurhromelo he is a player of great calibre and more younger than @Miralem_Pjanic . Pjanic is a great player but i think barca don't need him.

#CampNou turning into an old age home, recently agreed terms with Pjanic who is also 30.

Most correct way to report swap Arthur-Pjanic is:

Barcelona get Pjanic + 12 m€ for Arthur.

Evaluations of 72 and 60 million are fake, just for sake of budget maquillage.

Arthur value (pre-COVID) is 55m€, Pjanic’s 25m€.

Barcelona losing massively on football+financial side.

What's your thought on this?

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