Opinion: Ronaldo's behaviour is bad. He needs to be checked.


The Portuguese attacker is a widely respected footballer, who has won the heart of many football lovers with series of scintillating performance. This is evident in the fact that he has around 5billions followers across social media platforms.

However, of late, Ronaldo has been putting on some showing which could make people dislike him. In the last international break, Ronaldo walked off the football pitch before the referee blew the final whistle, throwing away his captain hand band, after his shot which has crossed the line, was not given as a goal. Today,in Juventus win against Genoa, Ronaldo did something similar, although that action was later clarified, but his coach words afterwards suggest otherwise.

Football is a gentleman game, where everyone is expected to wear a sportsmanship act, irrespective of your achievement. A player from Stoke city in England should be treated as the same player in any best club of the world.

In the game against Serbia, in reality the ball had crossed the line, and the goal should have been given, however, Ronaldo represents Portugal, and the captain badge in his arm means, he's leading a whole country, so, throwing away the hand band, is a direct insult on his country, which shouldn't be.

Against Genoa this evening too, Ronaldo was pictured throwing away his jersey after the match, a sign of frustration for not finding the back of the net in the counter, despite playing a starring role. The action was later explained to be that, the jersey was dropped so that a ball boy could pick it. However, while reacting to Ronaldo's gesture, Juventus coach, Andrea Pirlo, had a different idea.

The Italian manager told Sky sports that “It’s normal he wanted to score a goal, especially seeing that the match had turned out in a certain way," he further added that "It is part of the attitude of champions who always want to leave their mark."

If in reality, Ronaldo had threw off his jersey as a sign of venting his frustration at not scoring a goal, then, he needs to cautioned, because that means he's selfish and doesn't prioritize the team.

Ronaldo is great, no doubt about that, but he must definitely put on the behavior and conduct of a true champion and stop throwing off jersey and hand band.

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