Meet The Young African Woman Whom Despite Her Disability Is A Successful Entrepreneur


Being a disabled person can really pose a lot of challenges to most people and the society at large. 

In Africa where there is less support from the government to people living with various disability, some of them are left with no other option than resorting to asking for alms from well meaning individuals. 

Though even some able bodied people also do ask for alms, this may be blamed on poverty and other life challenges that they may be going through. 

Well, a young Congolese woman have decided to make life meaningful for herself despite her disability. 

Modestine Sifa is an entrepreneur, a single mother of one child, who engages in the farming of hens and the production of organic charcoal. Courageous and determined, she has refuse to see her disability as an obstacle to a better life.

In her twitter bio she said that courage and determination makes her a special and strong woman. She has been using the social media platform to showcase her amazing works. 

This young African entrepreneur really deserves accolades for her effort to do what even some able bodied people would not do.