Meet Samson Ogbole the Nigerian farmer who grows crops in the air


Samson Ogbole is a Nigerian farmer who is attempting to address the country's land scarcity crisis. Nigeria's population has risen to 190 million people, but there isn't enough land in the country to feed the country's expanding population. As a result, Ogbole has devised a solution: aeroponics.

The process of growing plants in the air without using soil is referred to as this unorthodox form. In 2014, Ogbole became interested in soilless farming, and two years later, he created PS Nutraceuticals, a company that uses cutting-edge agricultural technology to increase food production efficiency and ensure food security.

“Soilless growing involves removing the soil portion, replacing it with substitutes, and fertilizing the plants to enable them to grow,” Ogbole explains. “We have been able to push for what you call urban farming with soilless farming, where we now have farms in cities and are able to cut out the middlemen and marketers,” he says.

Aeroponics, according to Ogbole, has many benefits, the most important of which is the ability to cultivate crops at any time of year. They were also able to remove pathogens that naturally occur in the soil and affect crops using this process.

Nigeria would need an estimated 78.5 million hectares of land to feed its population. However, according to the United States' International Trade Administration, only 30 million hectares of farmland are currently under cultivation.

According to Ogbole, only 46% of Nigerian soil is suitable for growing crops, so the country must work toward self-sufficiency in food production and enable technology to play a larger role. He assumes that agriculture will be used to fight the "future war."

Sources: CNN