Taameawu leaves And Cinnamon Powder Can Help You Attract Good Luck And Prosperity.


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Taameawu leaves is a queen of all leaves and normally we called it Miracle Leaves, why miracle leaves? Because it is said it has a positive energy that can control any negetive activities in the whole world. (Zero two four eight Six nine six zero three nine) This leaves can help you attract good energies when you use them wisely.

It can be used as a Herb to heal many sickness and it also attract good health and prosperity for our soul. Using this Leaves is like a magnet, it can draw any coin, that is how taameawu leave is. It can draw you to anyone you need help from.

Cinnamon is very popular to many but a few no how to use this plant to draw money to themselves. This particular plant is said to have a medicinal purpose and also it has a good energies which can draw you to good luck and prosperity. So using Cinnamon to do a rituals is like a monkey always seeing a banana, it can draw you to your destiny as fast as it can.

In this article, this two elements will combine together and we will see the results.

Just plug one of the Taameawu leave, write your name on the leave , get three green candles and light them in a triangular form, just put the leave down in the middle of the candles, use the cinnamon powder to draw a circle on the candles to attract good energies, put some of the cinnamon powder on the leave and say this loud.

By the Power of our Lord, I command Spirit of good luck and prosperity to come to me, may the Angels of this Triangular frame appear to me by giving me my heart desires. Loot at the frame coming out from the fire and command what you are asking for three times. Leave it there for the candles to be burnt before you will take the remaining from the ground and wrap it on a white paper and bury it on the ground.This thing work within seven days.

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